Large 24" Snake Trap
Includes adhesive liner and securing rods
2018 CG Traps
Adhesive Liner

Giant 40" Snake Trap
Includes adhesive liner and
securing rods.
The snake traps tubular shape makes it possible to be placed in most of the compact areas that snakes prefer. The snake trap is  tunnel shaped with openings at both ends, creating the type of space that snakes naturally pass through or use for shelter while hiding and waiting for prey.

The sliding adhesive liner allows snakes to push deeper into the snake trap where it is then stopped at the far end by the securing spikes. The spikes also secure the snake trap to the ground.

The snake traps tubular design causes the adhesive liner to surround the snake. This utilizes all the surface area for maximum catching and holding power as well as restricting the snake's movement. This greatly reduces the possibility of the snake wiggling free.

The weather resistant plastic outer shell is ribbed for added strength and durability. It can be secured to the ground with included securing spikes to help prevent the snake trap from being moved by wind or large snakes.

The snake trap can be reused over and over again by simply replacing the adhesive liner at a fraction of the cost of a new trap.
(You can also save on shipping if you purchase additional liners when purchasing your snake trap.)

Snakes can easily be released by simply applying vegetable oil on the snake and adhesive liner.
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Large CG Snake Trap
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